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Posted on 23/03/2018

Hi there!

I’m Natalie!

I’m a bookish, London-based blogger who is desperately failing at juggling full-time work, a blog and the mountainous TBR pile by my bed. Oh, and I’m buying a house – so, there’s that too!

I’m currently getting my post schedule locked down, but expect at least two posts a week (hopefully…) and a ton of enthusiasm.



I do use affiliate links – specifically the Amazon Affiliates Programme. This means that if you buy anything via my link to a retailer, I’ll make a quid or two in commission, but doesn’t mean it’ll cost you any extra.

If you’d rather not use the affiliate link, you just need to clear the cookies on your browser and voila, it’ll be like you never clicked on it.



All reviews are my own views and are written as objectively as possible. I do not use a star rating system as I find it too restrictive (plus, reading is subjective and I would hate to discourage other readers from engaging with a book because I gave it a 3 star). I endeavour to critique each book to the highest of standards, particularly highlighting pacing, character development, setting and creativity.

My preferred genres are: fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, contemporary literature, new adult (proper NA, not smut, please – let’s start doing this genre some justice), young adult, mystery/thriller, some middle grade

Other to the above, I will read: historical non-fiction, historical fiction, political non-fiction, supernatural/paranormal, biography/autobiography

I will absolutely not read: erotica, poetry, religion/spiritual 

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