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River Exe Cafe

Posted in Local, Travel
on 09/08/2018

I’m going to say it: Devon has some of the best food in the country. I will fight you if you try and say otherwise! From veg to fish, meat to cheese (and wine!), and a bit of cake in between, you could travel the county and still be finding new and amazing places to eat.

Enter the River Exe Cafe.

Situated on a flotilla in the middle of the River Exe Estuary, this floating slice of foodie heaven serves fresh fish, seafood and sea veg throughout the summer season (April-September).  It’s pretty popular – my mum booked three weeks beforehand and we could only get on the 3pm sitting!


We arrived in Exmouth to get our water taxi over to the floating restaurant. As per Devon, the views were gorgeous, although the storms you could see on the hills made the water a little choppy!

If, like me, you’re someone plans their meals out at least a week in advance, the menu online looks a little sparse. DO NOT PANIC. It’s because their specials (and mussels) are where the party is at! I’m still distraught that I’m allergic to mussels but, there were five or six specials to whet my appetite instead! From lobster to plaice, all of the ingredients were either caught by the local fisherman, whose boats you sail past on your way to the flotilla, or from local farms.

The food. Oh. My. Days.

To start with, I tried scallops for the first time. I have been missing out – they were baked with a coral butter and white port, and then topped with a parmesan crumble. Amazing.

Next, I opted for the Thai Green Curry which had salmon topped with sesame seeds, crab claw, monkfish and crevettes within it, and was accompanied with a pineapple and chilli salsa and some sea veg. The curry came with some rice but, in my pre-dinner meal planning, I’d already decided that, regardless of accompaniment, their truffle and parmesan frites were the only accompaniment I would ever need! And, honestly, they were incredible. My mum had the lobster, which was also pretty special.

To finish, the only real choice on the menu was the Salted Caramel Fudge Brownie with ice cream and berries. Is there really any other logical choice? It was gooey and warm and the best way to round of a fabulous meal!


Then, it was time to get our water taxi back to shore. You get 2.5 hours for a sitting, which is plenty of time to have three courses and coffee! This is a real gem and, if you’re in Devon in the warm season, get yourself a table booked!

Thank you for reading – it feels good to be back! Where is your favourite foodie find?

Going Local

Posted in Life, Local, Travel
on 07/08/2018

Exploring is awesome. We all know that – what is better than going somewhere you don’t know, getting lost and then heading to the nearest bar for a well-deserved cocktail?

But I feel that sometimes you can spend too much time focussing on the far away, rather than what is directly in front of, and around, you. I’ve lived in the Surrey/London area for almost two years and, until May, I hadn’t even gone to a local lake – why is that? I was too focussed on jetting off somewhere to have a break from life and up my gram’ game.

So, I’ve made it my mission to give more time to my local area.


Because it is beautiful and I’ve been taking that for granted. Sure, I haven’t got the classic passport and plane ticket photo, and I haven’t spent hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds to get the next “it” place, but I will get to meet some cool people and go on random day trips with friends, and my ‘gram game will still be great because finding beauty in the everyday has to be the ultimate goal.

But I am lucky because my local area includes a fabulous city that would be classed as a holiday for many people. I live in an area where wealth is aplenty so my green spaces will stay green when others will become housing blocks and schools and hospitals other fundamental pieces of society because there is simply nowhere else for them to go.

So, I’m going to be writing a lot about places that may, or may not, be familiar but will cost a fraction of the price as a holiday and will be within the UK and guaranteed to give you a great time and a great ‘gram.

I’m really interested in hearing your views on this! I get serious FOMO when I see people jetting off to these exotic places – is that a thing? I’d also love to read some posts on things in your local area/within the UK and then maybe we can get a round-up post together or something?

Comment, share, tag me – I want to hear about all your recent local travels!