July Favourites

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on 07/08/2018

How are we almost at the end of July? This month has been a busy one with work so there has been a lot of improving myself this month, rather than any big splurges/trips!


It’s amazing what new cookbooks can do to get your culinary juices flowing again. I always struggle to mix up meals, particularly when it’s warm because having salads twice a day gets boring pretty quickly. So, I’ve made it my mission to start broadening my taste and attempting some really tasty, nutritious and healthy meals to get me through the day.

FYI, the One Pound Meals polenta and pork meatballs were a m a z i n g but definitely an autumn/winter dish and I made some ridiculously good chocolate brownie cookies from the Power Snacks book. Would you be interested in seeing my weekly meal plans?


Tea is my ultimate bae. Caffeinated, non-caffeinated, green, black, rooibos – I love them all. I’ve been cutting down my caffeine intake recently though, so I’ve been hitting that rooibos (red bush) tea like it’s water. A couple of drops of honey (and the occasional slice of lemon) and you are good to go. I personally love the Clipper red bush tea, or the Dragonfly Chai or Earl Grey rooibos and I bulk buy them off Amazon!




I go through phases with jewellery and currently I am obsessed with earrings. For the first time in my life, long dangly ones aren’t annoying (hello, adulthood?) and a couple of v. cute studs. They’re all from Asos in the range of £4-12.

Maxi Dresses

Yes, I have only just discovered the joys of maxi dresses. I’m 5’3″, so just assumed that they would never be the right length. How wrong I was.

I currently only have two until payday, but I am a convert. You can dress them up, dress them down, look like a princess when you gather it up to go up some stairs – what more could you want?!


Alpro Caffé

Cute design, caffeinated and dairy-free – ticks pretty much all the boxes you could think of and it’s a cold drink so perfect to get you going first thing in the warm weather we’ve had recently! Speaking of which…

Summer has arrived!

And it is glorious. We’ve hit 33 degrees here in recent days which is slightly insane – does anyone else notice a boost in confidence when you’ve got a tan?  Flowers are in bloom, the smell of cut grass follows you everywhere and, until a couple of weeks ago, the grass was bright green and luscious – now it’s a bit dead because, lol, no rain since I can remember.

IMG_3420.jpgI’m really looking forward to a week at my parent’s in Devon at the beginning of August, so keep your fingers crossed this weather continues until then!

I love hearing about what you’ve been up to! What do your July favourites look like? Is there anything you think I should try in August? Comment and share your links with me!

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