A Different Time, Michael K. Hill (Blog Tour)

If you could talk to someone from A Different Time (see what I did there?), who would it be?

Michael K. Hill’s novel combines two of my favourite things in a love story – a badass girl and (sort of) time travel. I was enthralled by the blurb and expecting a beautiful story of love and friendship and I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I was gripped.

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The cover of A Different Time has the profile of a womans head overplayed with the outlines of Sequoia trees inside it.

Title: A Different Time

Author: Michael K. Hill

Page count: 197

Lindsey looked back at the camera and lowered her voice. “I gotta go, Keith. Find the other tapes. I’ll be waiting for you.” Then she reached past the lens.

Keith raised his hand to meet hers as the recording stopped and the screen switched to a display of static.

Keith dropped his hand and sighed.

“Lindsey,” he whispered.

A Different Time, Michael K. Hill

And that, folks, gives you a pretty good overview of the narrative of A Different Time. Keith, in 2019, finds one of Lindsey’s VHS recordings at a local market. She had recorded them in 1989 and, to both their surprise, they’re able to talk to one another through the screen.

Keith then searches for the videos trying to track her down, despite the thirty year time gap, culminating in some wonderful twists and turns.

The first 10-15 percent has a lot of, necessary, context.

I found the first bit hard to get through, to the point I almost put the book down. However, there’s a pivotal moment that hooked me around the 20 percent mark and from there on in, I read it one sitting.

It’s also the reason why I chose the quote above. The book is quite short, so the quote is around that 20% mark, but it really shows you the power within this book that is ever so slightly out of focus in the first section.

A unique story.

I adore the premise of this book and the details just make it even better. Lindsey is recording on VHS. Keith references books that aren’t out yet. They both make an effort to listen or read something the other suggests. It’s so beautiful to read.

The books feels really well researched (or, potentially lived!) and, as a 90s baby, was definitely able to relate to some of Lindsey’s storyline.

I’m not a massive fan of “insta-love”.

They are almost automatically attracted to one another which is a bit annoying. I think this story could’ve really been elevated by drawing out the hunt for more videos and maybe Lindsey leaving some things in meaningful places for Keith to then find.

The book is relatively short, so it just felt a little rushed.

Twist and turns galore.

The twists in the ending are fabulous. I guessed one early on, but it still plays out beautifully. I cried at a certain point, and there’s definitely a devastating twist to the ending that beautifully destroyed me.

Thank you so much to TheWriteReads for giving me the opportunity to review this beautiful book – you can see below who else has been part (or will be a part) of this Blog Tour!

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