The Devil’s Apprentice, Kenneth B. Andersen (Blog Tour)

Imagine being the kindest, most truthful person in the world and ending up in Hell (accidentally) to become the Devil’s apprentice?

This is exactly what Kenneth B. Andersen explores in his book, The Devil’s Apprentice, and reader, it’s one of the most imaginative reads.

Thank you to Dave (and the gang!) at WriteReads for giving me a spot on their Ultimate Blog Tour. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Title: The Devil’s Apprentice

Author: Kenneth B. Andersen

Page count: 322

“Human heads,” Philip gasped, staring dumbstruck at the many faces poking up out of the ground, so that only their eyes and nose were visible.

“All those-” the cat began, but Philip interrupted with a whisper.

“All those who stepped on others while they were alive.” He was beginning to understand how things worked down here.

The Devil’s Apprentice, page 76.

Philip is a very, very good boy. The type of boy you wouldn’t expect to wind up in Hell as the apprentice of the Devil. When Death (a small man with glasses) accidentally hits the wrong person with his car, Philip’s world is turned upside down.

As if being dead isn’t bad enough, he has to learn to be evil whilst also figuring out the mystery of an immortal suddenly starting to die…

The world building is genius.

For me, the quote above epitomises the thing I love most about this book – the world building.

There’s no crime that goes unpunished in Hell, from actual criminals to nasty teachers (a lot of them!), there are all sorts of different punishments for each type of person.

There are different types of evil beings that cover the different ways in which you can be bad. The downplaying of fire and brimstone etc. to make Hell seem like somewhere you probably wouldn’t mind living for eternity if you were born there (rather than sent there to suffer in purgatory).

It’s the supporting characters that make this book.

Yes, Philip’s development throughout the book is lovely, the message that being evil is a choice is wonderful. But what really makes this book is the time that has been put into the supporting characters.

There’s a grumpy old man who is essentially the Hell equivalent of yelling “Get off my lawn!” at kids. There are two really evil kids who set out to make Philip’s life a misery. And many other’s who may even appear for a single page but really bring this book to life.

It’s part of a four book series.

Which is great, because once you’re read The Devil’s Apprentice, you’ve got a few more to read straight away!

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