February 2020 Wrap Up

It’s been a hot minute…

Life, as per usual, has been massively in the way recently. From family illness to a frantic time at work – writing has just had to take a back seat.

But hopefully I’m back!

February was quite a quiet month for reading as all I’ve wanted to do in the evenings is to binge watch true crime documentaries and catch up on Love Island.

There may not be many books here, but they’re both contesters for my favourite books of the year!

Let me know in the comments what you’ve been reading this month – I need some inspiration to get me out of the start of a slump…

Tender is the Flesh, Agustina Bazterrica


If you’re looking for a book that makes you question your consumption choices – Tender is the Flesh is the for you.

Tender is the Flesh takes place in a world where all animals are affected by a virus that will kill humans. The world stops eating meat, but the meat industry finds a new source – humans. It was one where I could only read about 10 pages at a time before the imagery made me feel a bit queasy yet I could not stop reading!

A full review is incoming for this incredible book from Pushkin Press.

The Last Day, Andrew Hunter Murray

The world has stopped turning, plunging one half into never ending sunlight, the other nothing but darkness. No one knows why it happened.

The Last Day follows Ellen Hopper, a scientist working out on an oil rig, who receives a letter from a dying man. It contains a powerful and dangerous secret that those in power do not want to get out.

The world building in this book is exquisite! The sectioning of the planet and descriptions of the utilisation of both new technologies and old draw you into a world that doesn’t seem very far away.

There we have it! Two cracking books read in the last month. This does mean that I’m three behind schedule for my Goodreads challenge.

One thought on “February 2020 Wrap Up

  1. I really want to read The Last Day!!! Stuck to non function this month but doing a romantic renaissance like tour of Obama with autobiographies from his staffers – not fiction but it seems like it compared to current affairs! Ben Rhodes and Dan Pfeiffer in particular, with a return to Samantha Power on the horizon!

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