BLOG TOUR: Honeymoon for One, Frankie Collins

I’ve never been on holiday abroad by myself, let alone on holiday after leaving a cheating fiancee at the alter and going on my honeymoon by myself to get my head straight…

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Title: Honeymoon for One

Author: Frankie Collins

Page count: 342

As an established romance author, Lila Rose has spent a lot of time ruminating on the many ways weddings could turn out, good or bad. However, she was not expecting her own wedding to imitate fiction. When she overhears her fiancee declaring his love for another woman on the morning of their wedding, Lila runs for the hills.

Or, in this case, the honeymoon suite they’d booked in Italy.

Little did Lila know, that’s exactly what her cheating ex-fiancee also planned on doing. So when he turns up at the resort, Lila begins a fake relationship with an actor. But as time goes on, their fake feelings start to feel an awful lot deeper…

Everyone should have their own Ali.

Lila’s best friend, Ali, is an absolute QUEEN. Honestly, I’m jealous of the relationship they have. From Ali never approving of the fiancee (hello, he was a cheating scumbag), to sneaking a sex toy into Lila’s suitcase for the honeymoon, Ali is there for her friend, no questions asked. A loyal and loving friend is literally you need in life tbh.

A unique idea.

Whilst there were elements of the novel that were a little predictable, I’ve never read a book quite like this one. Having the fiancee and the other woman turn up at the resort was a brilliant game changer and the story that follows made me laugh out loud throughout.

The perfect beach read.

My only complaint? I read the book after I got back from my beach holiday!

Frankie Collins is the pseudonym of Portia MacIntosh, bestselling romantic comedy author of 12 novels, including It’s Not You, It’s Them and The Accidental Honeymoon. Previously a music journalist, Frankie writes hilarious stories, drawing on her real life experiences.

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