The Memory Thief, Lauren Mansy (Blog Tour)

The Memory Thief caught my eye before I even realised there was a blog tour happening with the Fantastic Flying Book Club (FFBC).

When memories equal power, I was always going to be hooked.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to FFBC for the place on this blog tour. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Title: The Memory Thief

Author: Lauren Mansy

Page Count: 368

In the city of Craewick, memories reign. Like a new currency, the cities occupants are divided by ability and those with who are “Gifted” can take memories from others through touch.

Etta Lark dreams of living outside of the corruption. Battling the guilt of accidentally leaving her mother bedridden in an asylum, she turns to her previous life in the Shadows to ensure that her mother can survive.

Damn, are you intrigued or what?

This is, for me, a completely unique storyline. Memories as currency, people being tortured by having their worst memory played on repeat – it’s a brilliant premise.

And for the most part, the author does really well to get you used to it. I definitely made the mistake of not reading the informative pre-story pages which define the different societal structures (definitely read them first). I eventually put a bookmark there so I could find it on my kindle quickly.

Ultimately, the names make sense once you’re a bit of the way into the story.

The insta-love is real and I am here for it.

Okay, so insta-love might be a bit of an over exaggeration, but it’s not far off. The tension between Reid and Etta is perfect, he’s an absolute sweetie and their banter is fab.

But, insta-love is not for everyone and, even though the whole point is that they fall for each other quickly, this one really is quick. I think trust to flirting to love took about three pages…

It’s an easy read with a punchy message

Holding on to mistakes is something we all do. Heck, I’ve just been in a rut at work by holding on to mistakes I’d made – it sucks. What Mansy has done is portrayed the internal struggle that Etta is facing. Hopefully, whoever picks up this book will realise that there is a healthy way to deal with it.

Lauren lives in the Chicago area, where she’s spent years working with youth, from young children to high schoolers. When she’s not writing, Lauren is usually with her family or exploring the city to find the best deep dish pizza. The Memory Thief, which was inspired by Lauren’s own journey with her mother, is her first novel

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